St Mary Magdalen's

St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

PE & Sport Premium Grant 2019-2020

At St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School we believe that physical education is vital and unique in its contribution to a pupil’s physical and emotional development.  During this academic year, the Government will be providing additional funding to improve PE and Sport in all primary schools. 

The purpose of the PE and Sport grant is to further enhance the provision of PE to enable all children to lead active and healthy lifestyles, which they will continue into adulthood. The funding is ring-fenced and will only be used for this purpose.


How the funding is allocated

For 2018-19, schools with 17 or more pupils aged 5-11 years (Jan 2018 census) received £16,000, plus £10 per eligible pupil. We are waiting to find out the allocations for 2019-20.


Expected PE and Sport Grant 2019/20: TBC